Customer/Project Highlights: 36 Hours. 186 Locations. Go.

It’s been an exceptional year for EXCEL, and as we move forward into 2019, we want to take a moment to reflect on one project that is exemplary not only of our successes, but of our remarkable partners and the collaborative spirt that makes our decades of success possible.

This particular project was completed in partnership with Veridos Identity Solutions and Entrust Datacard—two world-class providers of information technology and document security solutions. The end customer was a State of Ohio agency with 186 locations across the state. EXCEL was tasked with the removal and disposal of obsolete security hardware, and the deployment of a new integrated replacement solution for each location.

Projects like this require exceptional timing, coordination, and project management expertise, and EXCEL has been successfully executing complex hardware deployments like this for nearly thirty years. This particular project was unusually challenging in that all 186 locations had to be successfully installed and tested over the course of thirty-six hours during a single weekend.

EXCEL deployed twenty-one teams across the state and utilized powerful cloud-based management and tracking tools to provide real-time status updates on each team at our Command Center. EXCEL also created a web-based project dashboard for our State customers to receive real time status updates on the progress of the deployment. Finally, EXCEL utilized a cloud-based asset management tool that enabled the tracking of all assets being deployed and removed from all of the locations in real time.

By effectively managing the integration of our client’s expertise, our talented Field Technicians, powerful cloud-based tools, and our refined project management processes, EXCEL was able to successfully complete the installation of the new hardware, test all deployed systems, and remove the obsolete equipment at all 186 locations within the allotted 36-hour window.

Projects like this are what set EXCEL apart, and are why we’ve enjoyed the trust of multiple State of Ohio agencies, the Ohio business community, and national customers for nearly thirty years.