Curtis Jewell Selected as 2018 Central Ohio Champions of Diversity Awards Diversity Pioneer Honoree

EXCEL is pleased to announce that Curtis Jewel has been selected by The Columbus Hispanic Chamber and the Central Ohio Champions of Diversity Awards Committee as this year’s honoree and recipient of the “Diversity Pioneer” Award for his ongoing and outstanding commitment to presenting the best in outreach diversity initiatives in his role as Founder and CEO of Excel Management Systems, INC., and for empowering businesses and entrepreneurs with his dedication to the education, the advancement of technology within the community of our youth, and for motivating others in their individual pursuit of excellence.

EXCEL February Newsletter

Two serious vulnerabilities that affect virtually every computing device in the world were recently discovered. Do you need to worry about Meltdown and Spectre and what should you do to protect your computer against them? And since some of the issued patches result in poorer performance with some CPUs, we provide you with 15 tips to help speed up your Windows 10 PC. 

In this newsletter:

  • Meltdown and Spectre FAQ: How the Critical CPU Flaws Affect PCs and Macs
  • 15 Tips to Increase Performance on Windows 10
  • Get a Password Manager. No More Excuses.
  • Automatic Repair Couldn’t Repair Your PC in Windows 10

EXCEL Joins the Ohio Municipalities Business Conference & Expo

EXCEL executives recently attended the Ohio Municipalities Business Conference & Expo, which was held last week at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. The first-of-its kind event was a marvelous opportunity to network with, and learn from a variety of community leaders in areas related to entrepreneurship, workplace diversity, and the needs and issues facing small businesses in Ohio.

EXCEL August Newsletter

Microsoft has had a long standing policy of supporting its software for 10 years. However, at the end of the 10-year period, no further updates or patches are released, which places your business at risk because of newer security threats. 

In this newsletter:


  • When will Microsoft end support for your version of Windows or Office?
  • 5 Ways to Prepare Your Business for a Storm
  • Microsoft says Windows 10 Creators Update is ready for business deployment
  • Adobe to Kill Flash Media Player in 2020

EXCEL July Newsletter

For those in the northern hemisphere, summer is typically the time that many travel for vacation. A good way to kill time in airports is to connect to free Wi-Fi and catch up on last minute work or to get into the vacation spirit. But how safe are free hotspots? Also covered this month is a “new” version of Windows 10 that will likely cause more confusion than benefit to users.


In this newsletter:

  • Staying safe on public Wi-Fi
  • A massive cyberattack is hitting organisations around the world
  • A closer look at what Windows 10 S can and can't do
  • 13 Microsoft Word Tips You Need to Learn Now

EXCEL June Newsletter

Last month the largest cyberattack ever affected hundreds of thousands of business, personal and government computers in over 150 countries. It is estimated that three out of every five businesses will be affected by some sort of IT security breach in 2017. We’re here to help you ensure that you don’t become a victim.

In this newsletter:

  • 10 Tips to Prevent Data Theft for Your Small Business
  • Answers to Common Questions about Ransomware
  • How to Protect Yourself from Ransomware
  • Don't Fall for a Tech Support Scam about Ransomware

EXCEL May Newsletter

Your privacy depends on your data being secure. Follow these tips to help protect your privacy from hackers and surveillance.

In this newsletter:

  • How to Protect Your Privacy from Hackers
  • How Does a VPN Protect Me?
  • Browser Autofill Profiles Can Be Abused for Phishing Attacks
  • Would You Fall for One of These Scam Emails?

EXCEL April Newsletter

Hiring anyone? Be careful — there is a new scam that embeds malware into files that look like job application files.

In this newsletter:

  • New Cyberattack Disguises Malware as Job Applications
  • 84% of Phishing Sites Last Less Than 24 Hours
  • Ransomware: If You Get Hit, Should You Pay Up?
  • How to Make Google Chrome Faster for Web Browsing

EXCEL March Newsletter

A massive memory leak reported recently may have exposed your passwords and private data from numerous websites. In this newsletter:

  • Security Alert: Passwords Exposed on Numerous Websites
  • Microsoft Delays February Security Patches to March
  • Storing Your Data in the Cloud Allows You to Collaborate in Ways You Never Imagined
  • How Much Would You Pay to Avoid Data Breach Shame?

EXCEL February Newsletter

Microsoft is ending support for certain older versions of Word, Excel, and other products this year, creating serious security risks if you keep using them. Contact us to see if you're affected.
In this newsletter:

  • Microsoft Ending Support for Many Products in 2017 — Check Your Setup
  • Watch Out for This Malicious Fake Security Email
  • How to Know If Your Computer Has Been Hacked
  • Your Webcam May Be Secretly Spying on You — Here's What to Do

EXCEL January Newsletter

Happy New Year! Hackers aren't wasting any time in developing more sophisticated ways to launch cyberattacks in 2017. We can help keep you safe.
In this newsletter:

  • How to Spot a Fake Computer Virus Warning
  • How Yahoo's Latest Breach Could Affect Your Security
  • The Daily Routines of 15 Ultra-Productive CEOs
  • Meet PoisonTap, the $5 Tool That Ransacks Password-Protected Computers