EXCEL September Newsletter


Microsoft Fixes Critical Security Flaw — Are Your Systems Patched?

Microsoft recently fixed a critical security flaw that affected every version of Windows since Vista. Regularly patching your computers, both PCs and Macs, is critical. Call or email us about patch management to make sure your systems are secured. (Microsoft Security Bulletin)

Why the Dot in Your Gmail Doesn't Matter

If you have a Gmail account and use a dot in your email address to separate your first/middle/last names, your email address still works even without using that dot. (Business Insider)

How to Know If Someone Is Ready to Be a Manager

Use this list of questions to find out if a potential new hire or an internal team member has what it takes to be your next manager. (Harvard Business Review)

Dropbox Ending Support for Windows XP in August

We hope you have long since upgraded from Windows XP. Microsoft stopped providing security patches for it two years ago, so it's a hacker's paradise. But just in case you know someone who hasn't upgraded yet, Dropbox will no longer support Windows XP either. Contact us for options. (Dropbox)