EXCEL February Newsletter

Microsoft Ending Support for Many Products in 2017 — Check Your Setup

Microsoft is ending support for many of their older products this year, including certain versions of Word, Excel, and other popular tools. This means they will stop providing security patches, which can leave your computers vulnerable to attacks. We can make sure you are upgraded to supported versions to avoid being affected. Contact us today to review your systems before it's too late. (Microsoft)

Watch Out for This Malicious Fake Security Email

This fake security email tries to make your computer part of a botnet to launch cyberattacks. Victims can have online actions monitored, data stolen, and their machine hijacked to carry out malicious activities. Concerned about making sure your computer security is tight? Contact us and we'll check it out. (ZD Net)

How to Know If Your Computer Has Been Hacked

Is your computer behaving differently than you are used to? Here are the most common things that you may notice after a computer has been hacked. Share these tips with your friends to help keep them safe. Call us if you're concerned that something doesn't feel right with your IT equipment. (Computer Hope)

Your Webcam May Be Secretly Spying on You — Here's What to Do

It's true. Hackers can really spy on you with your webcam without your knowledge. Learn what you need to know to protect your privacy. (How to Geek)