EXCEL March Newsletter

Security Alert: Passwords Exposed on Numerous Websites

Recently, web services and security firm Cloudflare announced a massive memory leak that affected numerous websites, possibly including popular ones that you may have used. What should you do? Change your passwords and share this alert with your friends. Contact us if you (or your friends) need help setting up a password management tool or dealing with the fallout of this issue. (Gizmodo)

Microsoft Delays February Security Patches to March

Microsoft usually releases security patches for its products on the second Tuesday of the month. Last month, they canceled their update due to a last minute issue and will combine February's updates into their March 14, 2017 patch. This means that everyone has to wait for them to fix a "zero day" bug, which can be a security hole. Here's how this affects you. (Infosecurity Magazine)

Storing Your Data in the Cloud Allows You to Collaborate in Ways You Never Imagined 

Enterprise file sync-and-share solutions are allowing businesses to get tighter control, security, and tracking when sharing documents. This recent survey shows how people are using it. (Tech Target)

How Much Would You Pay to Avoid Data Breach Shame?

A new survey reports that 40% of businesses would pay up to $10,000 rather than admit a successful cyberattack has taken place. The other 60% would pay more! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you're concerned about your security, we've got your back. Contact us. (ZD Net)