EXCEL August Newsletter

When will Microsoft end support for your version of Windows or Office?

As Windows 10 reaches its second birthday, the support clock for earlier versions is ticking. Microsoft pulled the plug on Windows Vista earlier this year, and support for Office 2007 ends in a few months. So how long until Windows 7, Office 2010, and other currently supported versions reach the end of the line? Need help and advice with deciphering the options? Give us a call today.

Microsoft says Windows 10 Creators Update is ready for business deployment

Microsoft is tweaking its Windows-as-a-service plans yet again. Here are the new names, dates and other information businesses need to know about Windows 10.

5 Ways to Prepare Your Business for a Storm

For those in the southern and eastern seaboard states, hurricane season is approaching. In other parts of the continent, tornadoes and other violent storms can wreak havoc. Is your business ready for a worst-case scenario? Call us and we can assist with evaluating your preparedness.

Adobe to Kill Flash Media Player in 2020

Adobe finally pulls the plug on Flash, citing the growing acceptance of newer open web standards such as HTML. This much-maligned extension has been the source of many issues and security risks during its lifetime.