EXCEL September Newsletter

New Trojan Malware Campaign Sends Users to Fake Banking Site That Looks Just Like the Real Thing

Trickbot is now redirecting to a counterfeit site that displays the correct URL and the digital certificate of its genuine equivalent. Concerned that you still can’t tell the difference between a valid email notification and a fake one? Give us a call today.

Back to School Cybersecurity Tips for Parents and Kids

Handing your young one their very own mobile device—a laptop, usually—that they can use in their studies almost seems like a rite of passage. It’s important to lay down some ground rules—especially when it comes to security.

Email and Calendar Data are Helping Firms Understand How Employees Work

Using data science to predict how people in companies are changing may sound futuristic. But while we may never convert change management into a “hard science,” some firms are already benefiting from the potential that these data-driven techniques offer.

10 Time-Saving Tips to Speed Your Work in Word

Even seasoned Word experts can become more efficient by learning an unfamiliar trick or two. See if these features and shortcuts shave a bit of time off your daily tasks.