Case Study: Environmental Protection Agency


EXCEL has been providing management and operational support to the EPA’s National Computer Center (NCC) since its creation in 2002 to the present day.


The EPA’s National Computer Center (NCC) is one of the largest computer centers in the United States and provides large-scale computing services for the EPA nationwide. As a result, the EPA required a team to perform systems, servers, and database administration support for mission-critical super computing and data intensive high-bandwidth applications used by 65,000 users worldwide.


EXCEL has become one of thekey contributors to the implementation of the EPA NCC’s Hi-Speed Wide Area Information Services (HIWAIS). Some of the results include:

  • 3x performance improvement at 75% of the cost

  • 40x increase in data throughput

EXCEL was also one of 30 companies recognized for the Government Technology Leadership Award (GTLA) as a direct result of our success with the NCC.