Supporting Critical activities

State of Ohio.


One of Excel’s long-term clients initially asked us to maintain equipment at their customer locations throughout our home state of Ohio.



Their existing support model required they fly a highly trained field engineer to the site when a problem couldn’t be solved over the phone. These service calls cost over $1000 a day. Excel agreed to service the equipment in Ohio and offered to provide the same services throughout the United States.



The client witnessed a 50% drop in repair costs after assigning their full-time field engineers to high-value installation work and dispatching all break-fix work through Excel. Within three months Excel expanded our support beyond Ohio and we now support nearly 2000 items at 320 locations throughout the United States and Canada.



Reduced Repair Costs

SOH witnessed a 50% drop in repair costs.


Improved resource use

Optimizing the resource use by reassigning the SOH engineers to high-value activities.


Increased Support Coverage

Support expanded to 2000 items at 320 locations throughout the US and Canada.