EPA – IPN Region 5.

Contract Title: EPA – IPN Region 5 

Contract #: EP_R5-11-14 Sub Contract # IPNS-2011-0001

Award Whole $ Value: $9,624,192.30

Period of Performance: 10/17/2011 through 4/16/2015

Buying Agency: EPA Region 5 Chicago 

Prime/Sub: IP Network Solutions  (8a)

Prime Contact: IP Network Solutions Inc.: Mark Thomas, Director Business Development; Phone: 703-707-0095 x207 Mobile: 703-340-6025; Fax: 703.787.0096 mthomas@ipnsinc.com, 13921 Park Center Road, Suite 380, Herndon, VA 20171

 Hotline/Help Desk: EXCEL operates and maintains the Hotline/Help Desk.

The Help Desk servers EPA Region 5 personnel as the initial point of contact for troubleshooting hardware, software, PC, and printer problems. The Help Desk provides phone and in-person support to users in the areas of e-mail, directories, standard Windows desktop applications, and applications developed under this contract or other contracts, as well as commercial off-the-shelf and EPA National applications.

EXCEL immediately assign the highest priority to problems affecting multiple users (loss of a server, router, etc.) as pre-determined by the EPA Project Officer and internal policies. EXCEL resolves problems reported by users concerning suspected malfunctions or operating difficulties with hardware, software (both operating system and application), network, and related equipment/systems.

EXCEL maintains set written procedures for Help Desk operations and analyzes continuing problem areas in conjunction with its overall Quality Control procedures to pinpoint weaknesses in systems, hardware, procedures,

or instructions.

EXCEL escalates those problems that cannot be resolved remotely to the appropriate personnel, or other designated organizations including the RTP Help Desk for resolution.

EXCEL monitors and follows-up on all problems through resolution and closure to ensure that timely, corrective action(s) have been taken. This team is responsible for recording, referring, and tracking reported problems in the HEAT Ticket-Tracking System.

All EXCEL technicians log and update all incidents into the HEAT Ticket-Tracking system. This enables the

Helpdesk to provide detailed reports when requested of problems occurring in any office, predict and track trends, and identify appropriate actions required in order to reduce these occurrences in the future.

EXCEL’s Help Desk support function evaluates hardware, firmware, peripherals, printers, software packages, etc., for use by staff and provides recommendations for accomplishing the desired organization objectives, troubleshoot, and resolve problems encountered using microcomputer hardware including peripherals, software and printers. The Helpdesk analyzes new applications and reviews implementation plans to ensure system resources are available to support these applications both long and short term.

EXCEL supports operations all types of computer hardware and software systems at EPA Region 5 locations.

  • Perform upgrades to Regional desktop operating systems network and operating systems and shared applications

  • Responsible for employee relocations, moving of PCs, peripherals and printers, the installation and de-installation of new user microcomputer equipment, as well as provide bar code and serial numbers for input into the inventory database.

  • Implements a maintenance program for computers, both preventative and remedial, focused on minimizing downtime and achieving efficient operations that includes periodic testing and inspections.

  • Provides regular maintenance of GIS plotters, GIS related hardware devices, and printing devices.

  • Updates, and maintain documentation for desk top hardware, software, printers, and peripheral equipment. This documentation includes user manuals, programmer maintenance manuals, system hardware and software documentation, and instructions for customers to troubleshoot PC and peripheral equipment problems, as well as investigating and demonstrating new hardware/software capabilities as requested by the EPA.

  • Provides assistance in maintaining inventory control and location records of EPA computer equipment/software and disposal of property as required.

  • Provides statistics on hardware/software/system problems, security incidents, maintenance service calls, and user base as requested.

  • Excel utilizes an EPA approved Customer Service Survey as the vehicle to obtain feedback and ensure continued satisfaction.

  • Desktop Image Support: EXCEL is responsible for the development, maintenance and upgrade of all Region 5 desktop operating system images.

  • Ensures that all regional Windows XP/7 or higher workstations are configured in accordance with the U.S. EPA Standard Configuration Documentation and the latest Microsoft Client.

  • Provide Windows XP/7 or higher desktop end user support. Ensures that desktops operate under the latest OS and security patches as distributed by the U.S. EPA Computer Security Incident Response Capability (CSIRC).

  • Performs Windows XP/7 or higher desktop system administration in line with FDCC and/or USGCB standards. Troubleshoots hardware and software, correct problems, contact vendors for solutions as needed, and rebuild systems, if required, in a timely manner.