United States Air Force.

Contract Title: CACI-AFEMS

Contract #: FA8770-11-C-0018 Subcontract S11-118765 

Award Whole $ Value: 2,476,877.09

Period of Performance: 10/19/2007through 06-07-2013

Buying Agency: USAF ESC/HGGG

Prime/Sub: CACI 14370 Newbrook Drive, Chantilly, VA 20151

Prime Contact: David Linnenkohl Director Applied Technology Division, Ph: 937-429-8304; 937-414-6138, dlinnenkohl@caci.com; 2850 Presidential Dr. Suite 300;  Fairborn, OH 45324 www.caci.com  

Scope of Work:

ESC/HGGG requires functional and technical Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), for the Air Force Equipment Management System (AFEMS) and the Stock Control System (SCS), and also the Expeditionary Combat Support System (ECSS) as it relates to these two systems. The SMEs are individuals with a specific level of expertise in certain key system areas or disciplines and are knowledgeable about the domain being represented. This professional provides unique and/or in-depth functional and technical knowledge on the application and system operations. The general scope of the SMEs responsibilities include:

  • Translating user requirements into system specifications, data management plans, configuration management plans, life cycle management documentation, integrated logistics support plans and related operational summaries.

  • Gathering information from users, defining work problems, and designing a system and procedures to resolve problems.

  • Assisting in the design, development, and analysis, test and maintenance of logical and physical databases in order to meet functional requirements.

  • Writing specification manuals and user documentation for client or user personnel.

  • Managing functional, process, and data modeling in support of the planning and analysis efforts.

  • Examining and analyzing current and projected operations for developing, defining, and coordinating user requirements which will satisfy the total program need.

  • Reviewing data design, proposed system revisions, and test results to ensure functional requirements are met to include batch processes.