Defense Information

Systems Agency.

Contract Title: INMS & NMS System Support 

Contract #: HC1028-08-D-2000

Award Whole $ Value: $ 613,000,000

Period of Performance: 12/24/2007 through 2/28/2013 ((Many prior contract with various partners since 1995)

Buying Agency: Air Force GNSC DISA CONUS 604 Tyler Str. Bldg. 3189, Scott AFB, IL 62225

Prime/Sub: CSC 15000 Conference Center Drive, Chantilly, Virginia  20151-3801

Prime Contact: Richard Hange; Office: 703-818-4685 Fax: 703-818-4481 rhange@csc.com15000 Conference Center Drive, Chantilly, Virginia  20151-3801 

Scope of Work:

The DNMSS-G/R Network Engineering Contract (NEC) provides support services associated with network and system management and other related support services for DISA and DoD military services and agencies, and other U.S. government departments and agencies on a global basis. This includes providing continuing system and network planning, engineering, enhancement, acquisition, implementation, integration, management, maintenance and operations support at task order-specified locations for components of the DISN.

Defense Switched Network (DSN) (voice services)

  • Defense Red Switch Network (DRSN) (secure voice services)

  • DSN and DRSN network management systems

  • Advanced DSN/DRSN Integrated Management Support System (ADIMSS/ARDIMSS)

  • Integrated Network Management System (INMS)

  • Joint DISN Control System (JDCS)

  • Trouble Management System (TMS)

  • Report Management System (RMS)

  • Integrated Configuration and Tracking System (ICATS)

  • Other specified DISN networks and systems and their respective management systems

On prior contracts EXCEL history is as follows on this program: EXCEL in 1995 as prime contractor with Wang (previously I-NET) as subcontractor, designed and installed an Integrated Network Management System to support the Columbus Regional Control Center (CRCC). The CRCC mission was to control daily operations of the Defense Information Infrastructure in the Western Hemisphere area to provide quality, responsive support to the Armed Forces and the Department of Defense. The network infrastructure obtained 350+ backbone nodes, 900+ T1’s and 800+ IP routers and other connections and 2000+ locations serving 300,000 users. The EXCEL Team designed and implemented a state of the art, high-level Integrated Network Management Systems that provided a unique graphical user interface (GUI) supported by an expert system and related technologies. The solution provided compatible and, eventually interoperable capabilities with the other Regional Control Centers located in Hawaii; Washington DC and Stuttgart, Germany.

In 1997 in a following on EXCEL Prime contract: For the Defense Information Infrastructure (DII) and the Defense Information Systems Network (DISN), managed by the Global and Regional Operations and Security Centers (GOSC and ROSC); EXCEL provided support to the ROSC Columbus. The goal of this program was to maintain, continue to develop and enhance the global enterprise Integrated Network Management System (INMS), which is the primary tool used by the GOSC and ROSC to manage and troubleshoot DISN. The system receives real-time network status information from multiple network element management systems (EMSs) and database information from network configuration managers to provide a total, integrated, real-time view of DISN. Used COTS, NetExpert, Oracle 7, and Remedy.

Subsequently until 2013 as a subcontract to CSC, EXCEL has support DISA and the INMS program.